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Why We Openly Share Our Story

I don’t know why I’ve been putting this off for so long, but I have.  It’s not like I don’t share anything.  Thinking about it, I think that it’s just finding the right way to put this all into words.

I can only imagine some people wonder, why in the world do we openly share our story?  This is our life right now.  This is what we are experiencing.

Here are three reasons why we are open about our experiences through IVF.

One.  We have family and friends all over the world that we share our journey with.  Whether it’s our neighbors, family in Texas and California or in Canada, they are all involved and there for us.  It is hard to share every detail of everything we go through at separate times, so we find that this blog is a great way to share the experiences.

Two.  Being able to look back at our experiences is always so incredible.  We have grown in so many ways over the past two years.  Thinking of where we were two years ago, we have experienced and grown in more ways that we ever expected.  The experiences are something we would never want to take away, even the hardest times.

Not long ago,  Al Fox shared something that hit home in so many ways.  She said, “I’ve spent too much time literally yelling at God because things were hard and confusing; and too much time asking where He was because what I was asking for wasn’t happening, and it was important to me.  What a waste that’s all been.  Because it was all of those situations I was complaining about that always led me to even better things than I even knew was available.  Let’s all vow to quit questioning His plan for us and allow ourselves to LET Him show us how great our God truly is.  Let’s all loosen up a bit and laugh a lot more and exercise faith in a perfect God who profoundly makes no mistakes.”
That was so perfect for me and I really needed to hear that.

Three.  To connect with others that are going through similar circumstances.  We know that we are not alone on this road to parenthood.  Hearing others stories gives us strength to keep trying, and we hope that we can give strength to others too.

These are not all of the reasons why, but a few of the important ones. We gladly share our story: the love and support we continue to receive is so humbling.

As a quick update, last week on January 5, I went in for my Baseline Ultrasound and got the go ahead from Dr. Foulk to start the calendar of shots.  One shot down, and many more to go.  In hopes that we will have a successful FET and a family on the way.

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