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Utah Fertility Center – Graduation

Friday, March 10, we graduated from the Utah Fertility Center and have now moved onto a regular OBGYN.

It has been quite a long, but successful road with the Utah Fertility Center.  We have been through a lot and we wouldn’t change it for anything.  We’re graduating with a healthy baby on the way and will be moving onto Valley OBGYN.  The two surgeries, Ovarian Torsion and Fallopian Tube removal, were performed by two different OB’s at Valley, and they were both wonderful! We’ve decided to stick with them, and we know that we will continue to have great experiences with them in the future.

For all the pictures we haven’t shown yet, here is our little baby.  And another fun thing we learned, the due date has been bumped up.  Our sweet babe will be joining us around October 15!

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