Top 5 Holiday Treats for Neighbors

I grew up loving the time I got to spend in the kitchen with my mom as we baked goodies to deliver to all of our neighbors and wish them Happy Holidays. My mom taught me to love baking and making others feel special and loved, When I’m in the kitchen, I try to do the same, especially now that Annabelle loves to do some of the baking with me.

We had neighbors of different religions, and we always enjoyed when we would be invited over to celebrate their special way and dig into some of their tasty treats too. I never quite figured out how to make all their special treats, so that is something I’m slowly trying to learn as each year passes.

To make things a little easier for you, I want to share my top 5 holiday treats to gift to neighbors this year. Make them all and divide them into a few plates for your neighbors or just stick to one of the recipes, but I promise you that none of these will disappoint.

Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Cookies – Two Peas and Their Pod

Can you even celebrate Christmas without a candy cane treat? This is by far one of my favorite chocolate and candy cane cookies. It’s just the right amount of candy cane to add with the perfect chocolatey cookie.

Christmas Muddy Buddies – Love to be in the Kitchen

Snack style goodies for neighbors is great and easy. Make a big batch and then divide them into bags with a cute holiday tag and you’re done!

Christmas Crack (Saltine Toffee) – Mom on Timeout

If you’re wanting to make something, but not spend a ton on money and time, this is a quick and easy treat to make, bag up and drop off to your neighbors.

Peppermint Twist Macarons – Savory Experiments

Sometimes I like something a little challenging and more “fun” for me to make on those cold snowy days. Macarons are definitely something that takes time, but when your neighbor gets them, they immediately know the time and love that went into them.

Cinnamon Rolls – The Food Nanny

A nice pan of cinnamon rolls ready to throw in the oven on Christmas morning can be such a fun and helpful idea. Christmas morning is a little bit less busy and these cinnamon rolls are divine!

There you have it! I know more amazing recipes will be discovered throughout the month, so I’ll be sure to share the good ones that I find. Plus, I’ll be sure to share the classic recipes that my mom and I make for our neighbors every Christmas.

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