The Perfect Fall Getaway to Island Park

A quick weekend getaway to Island Park was just what our family needed this fall.  The timing was surprisingly perfect, as we had some plumbing issues at home, so being out of our home for the weekend worked out perfectly.  We packed our bags after getting what was needed at home and then we were on the road! 

We went on this trip with Scott’s brother and his family, along with our family friends and it was the best company we could’ve asked to go with.  The kids all had each other to play with, while the parents were able to enjoy their time together too.  Great friends, beautiful location, tasty food and the breathtaking Yellowstone is just what you need for the perfect fall getaway.  

Island Park, Idaho

If you’ve never been to Island Park, I would suggest you add it to your destination bucket list.  It is away from big cities, surrounded by the most beautiful scenery and full to the best cabins for you, your family and friends.  The drive from Utah was beautiful this fall with all the changing colors on the mountains and the weather was perfect. I made most of the drive many times while I was going to school in Rexburg, which is about an hour before you hit Island Park. 

Of course, one of our stops had to be at the Cocoa Bean! Which is where many of my college memories were made.  I became known as “The Cupcake Girl” probably because of how many times people would see me working.  To be honest, I was just fine with that…I can’t complain about that name when I know there are other names that aren’t as complimentary.  

If you want to try some of my own cupcake creations, here is one of my most popular cupcakes – Salty & Sweet Carrot Cupcake.  

The trip down memory lane of various drives up that way made for a very entertaining drive for me and Scott.  We were reminded of the first time he and I made the drive to meet up with my roommate half way, then another time when our fuel injector broke one our way to one of my besties weddings and the list could go on and on.  

Cabin Time

Sometimes finding the perfect cabin to stay in is the hardest part of a getaway.  If you’re planning to go on a holiday weekend, like fall break, make sure you start looking far enough in advance.  We were blessed to stay in a cabin that we all fit in, which is honestly one of the biggest parts of a getaway with friends…a place big enough for everyone to stay in together.  

It’s the place where you gather together, hot tub together, play together, make memories and so much more! 

The perfect and amazing cabin we loved spending time together in.
Seeing the littles gather together like this and read was by far one of the cutest things!
Scotty giving Bo the best massage of the weekend…he loved it!

One of the best parts of this getaway was the time we got to spend in Yellowstone.  Our friends told us that fall is the best time of year to go, and now that we’ve been in the fall it really is the best time of year!  There weren’t too many people there and there were animals everywhere.  We saw lots of bison, elk, bald eagles, coyotes, owls and the most stunning sights, that were unbelievable.  

Old Faithful did not disappoint and the kids were shocked to see how high it went.
Yellowstone Lake was absolutely breathtaking.

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

I don’t know about what kind of fall traditions you have, but this is one that is going to be on repeat!  I love fall so much and being able to get out and enjoy nature makes it even better to go out and adventure with my family.  

I have loved getting to adventure more with my family, one of our new favorite summer trips was to Bald Head Island, NC.  That is another destination to add to your bucket list – it’s one of a kind and a hidden gem that not many people know about.  Trust me, I love finding hidden gems and I wouldn’t share them unless I really loved spending time there.  

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