Sweet Child of Mine: You Are Strong

Our Sweet Annabelle,

You are already stronger than you know.  You continue to inspire us with your strength and courage as you face each challenge that comes your way.

When you were just a little girl, we noticed that you loved to rest your head only one way and sleep on one side of your head.  As we went to your first few appointments to visit your Pediatrician, we would talk to your doctor about it.  We learned that you had something called Toticollis.  Torticollis is the tightness of a muscle in your neck that causes the head to tilt one direction.

We were given some stretches to do with you at home, which you hated.  After doing the stretches at home, you weren’t making the progress your Pediatrician wanted to see.  You were referred to a Physical Therapist, Dr. Ben, who has been wonderful!

Dr. Ben started by giving us some exercises to stretch out the muscle.  You did not like it, in fact, you hated it more than the other stretches.  Over time, as we kept doing the stretches at home, you got better (especially when we distracted you with Little Baby Bum and The Furchester Hotel).  At the second appointment we were given some strengthening stretches that you continue to improve with.

We are so proud of you to continually endure these difficult and painful trials.  You are getting stronger each and every day.  “Beautiful girl, you were made to do hard things, so believe in yourself.”

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