Summer Bag Essentials

Summer is in full swing over here and this bag is with me 99% of the time now. Many things can be added to a summer bag, but these essentials should be in every bag. Hopefully you have them, but if you don’t, I think it’s time you do.

  1. Beach/pool bag – Finding the perfect bag isn’t always easy, but the main thing I was looking for was something big enough to hold everything. This bag is big, but isn’t too big and I can easily fit all my things and more into it.
  2. Microfiber beach towel – This is probably one of my favorite towels to have on the go. It’s quick drying, sand-free, lightweight and compact
  3. Owala water bottle – This has quickly become one of my favorite water bottles. My drinks stay cold all day and there is a straw built in to the lid (no spilling!).
  4. Sunscreen – one of the best sunscreens I have ever used, for me and my whole family.
  5. Mineral Stick – Best little stick to cover up your littles face and keep them happy.
  6. Kids sandals – Finding the right sandal for your little one can be tricky, but these have become both of our favorite shoes…easy to clean and even easier for them to slide on.
  7. Mama’s Birks – I can’t live without these shoes…I wear them year round. They’re easy to throw on and off, chase your littles around or wear around the house.
  8. Straw Hat – Trying to keep the sun off your face and stay a little cool, this is the hat you need.
  9. Adios Sunnies – Beautiful and work like a dream.

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