St. Patty’s Day Decor

When you marry someone who is Scotch-Irish, celebrating St. Patty’s Day becomes even more fun!  We love learning about our heritage, and it has been fun talking to Scott about his heritage as he’s been reading Scotch-Irish, a book his Grandfather gave him.

I grew up in a home where just about every holiday was decorated for, so here I go carrying on the tradition.  When I look for holiday decor, I find most of the “good stuff” in the Dollar Spot at Target, or I get it when there are good sales at Hobby Lobby, Joanns, Michaels, and occasionaly Home Goods.

We have a shelf above our TV and a fruit stand on the island I like to add a little holiday cheer to.  I’ll break down what I add to give the holiday cheer to each spot.

Most of the things on our shelf above the TV is always there, but I like to add the little green bunnies and small wooden clover for the month of March.  The bunny on the left I got in the Dollar Spot at Target (two or three years ago) and the one on the right, is from Rod Works.  On the TV stand I always love having a fresh bouquet of flowers – sometimes I get a few smaller bunches and create my own or get a larger one and leave it as is.

St. Patty’s Day seems to be forgotten when you pop into most stores, so I’ve learned that it’s always a good idea to pick up any decor if you find something you like. I have been adding to my collection over the past few years because it’s hard to find decor that I truly enjoy.  Usually what I find is between $1 and $3…can’t beat that, right? If you want to spend a little more, go for it!

I found these  in the Dollar Spot at Target.  “Kiss Me” and “Happy St. Pats” were headbands that I cut down to fit a little better into the fruit stand and small gold pot.  The cute “Irish” is a pair of glasses – honestly, I don’t know how people could wear them, they’re so hard to see out of.  “Let’s Sham-Rock” is a large pin.  It’s perfect to add into my decor, because I won’t be wearing it.

You can’t have St. Patty’s Decor without a pot of Gold! Obviously, it’s not real gold.  I stopped by our local grocery store, Harmons, and found these perfectly delicious chocolate gold coins.



The best way to top off a St. Patty’s Day Fruit stand is with freshly blooming daffodils.  If you want them to be in full bloom and not closed up or “dying” for a special event, get them a day or two in advance and then they’ll be perfect.


To fill in the extra space in your fruit stand, of course, you need to add fruit! I always love going with the colors of the holiday, so for St. Patrick’s Day I typically use green apples or pears, avocado, and lemons.  If there are other things you’d like to add, by all means – add them!

A quick little tip I have, when all the Christmas candies go on sale stock up! You can use the red and silver wrapped candies for Valentines Day and the green and gold wrapped candies for St. Patrick’s day.  They’re still just as tasty even though you bought them back in December.

And there you have it.  My St. Patty’s Day Decor on a budget.  Hopefully you can find a few things here or there before the big day on Sunday.  If not, wait until next week when everything goes on sale to store away for next St. Patty’s Day! May the Luck of the Irish be with you and the pot of gold end up in your hands.



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