Spring Must-Haves for Toddlers

Spring is in the air and we’re shopping around for a few new things have around the house.  We’ve been busy playing with all sorts of things we already have, which we love, but it’s time we add a few new things to love now that we’ll be spending a little more time outside. 

Of course, parks and visiting the farm will always be a favorite for us (I don’t know if we’ll ever get tired of that), but having a few things to have at home will be a lifesaver.  Here are few things we’ve been eyeing and ordering with spring coming in to beautifully  

Bug Catcher – Littles are always curious about new critters and what better way to observe them than catch them for a few a little while.  

Sidewalk Chalk – We love  getting to draw outside on the sidewalk or in the backyard on the back porch on a nice sunny day.  There are so many colors to choose from we could draw for hours.  

Kite – Little Miss has loved getting outside and flying her kite she got for Easter.  This is an even better kite, because it comes ready to be colored on before going out to fly the kite.  

Play-Doh Starter Set – This is something we play with inside or outside and has been able to fill hours of play time for us this past week.

Slide – If you can’t make it to the park everyday, this is best way to have a little fun outside in your yard.  It’s easy to move, so you can move it wherever is best for you and your littles.  

Water Bottle – Having water on hand is always a good idea, and finding a trusty water bottle is an even better idea.  

Gardening Tool Set – Monkey see, monkey do.  These tools will be perfect for your little to play and garden right alongside you.  

Springflower Wooden Puzzles – Watching littles learn new skills, like putting puzzles together, is such a special thing to see.  These are perfect to get excited for spring and to help your little look out for these little critters too.  

Bubble Machine – It gets a little tiring to blow bubbles for hours on end, so this bubble machine is here to save the day.  

Sports Wagon – If you’re going on a walk, needing to move bigger things, traveling or heading to the zoo – this is the perfect way to cart your littles and things around.  

Sand and Water Table – Getting outside and playing in the water is the perfect way to cheer up a littles day.  There is plenty in this set for entertainment to last all afternoon if you want too. 

Washable Paint – On a sunny or rainy day, painting always helps cheer up a little one.  Having washable paint is a must have and tends to be something friends love to do when they come over to play.  

Swing – Little miss was spoiled at Gaga and Papi’s house when they got a swing, and now she is obsessed with swinging anywhere we find a swing.  This one is quick and easy to add to a swing set, on a tree or from your back porch.  

Balance Bike – We have been looking into getting a balance bike for Little Miss and this one seems like a perfect fit.  Great reviews and pretty cute too.  

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