Simplified Fall Collection – Fall Essential Oils

Say a big welcome hello to fall with these fan favorites — Orange Spiced Cider, Gingersnap & Cozy Cabin!! While many fall-scented candles and air fresheners contain harmful chemicals that can pollute your home, these blends are made exclusively with good, clean ingredients straight from nature. All the goodness of an autumn candle with none of the toxins! Curl up with these three autumn-inspired essential oil blends (and a free diffuser while supplies last!!!) reminiscent of crisp fall days and all the things that cozy season needs.

Simplified Fall Collection

Cozy Cabin

  • Has a woodsy, smoky aroma inspired by a cozy cabin getaway
  • Creates a comforting, tranquil environment for family gatherings
  • Transforms your space into a snug, intimate escape in the mountains
  • Features Hong Kuai essential oil from our farm in Taitung, Taiwan


  • Has a delectable, spicy-sweet scent you can almost taste
  • Brings a homey, cheerful vibe to any space
  • Makes your home smell like a warm, sweet-smelling bakeshop
  • Made with real Madagascar Vanilla oleoresin

Orange Spiced Cider

  • Has a rich, citrus, cinnamony aroma just like your favorite chilly-weather drink
  • Creates a cozy, uplifting nook for curling up with a good book
  • Transports your senses to a festive fall evening by the fireplace
  • Includes Cassia essential oil for a hint of soft spice
  • The Simplified by Jacob + Kait Fall Collection Includes a free Dewdrop Diffuser while supplies last!
  • These blends are available in a collection or individually
  • Blends are avialable on one-time or loyalty orders with no order limits. Get yours while supplies last!
  • Diffuse any of these fall-scented essential oil blends to get into the cheerful, sweater-weather spirit.
  • Use these blends in place of unhealthy synthetic-scented candles or multi-oil diffuser blend recipes.
  • Make a room spray by filling a 4-ounce spray bottle with distilled water, a dash of salt, and 30 drops of oil.
  • Create cozy, autumn-inspired bath salts with 5 drops of your chosen blend, 1 tablespoon bath gel, and 1 cup Epsom salt. (Always mix the oil thoroughly into the bath gel before adding to bath water.)

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