Simple Halloween Mantle Decor

Many of you know and came along with us while we were living in our Aunt and Uncle’s basement.  We were blessed to be with them fort a year and we made so many memories together that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.  

One thing that I loved doing while we were living with them was decorating the fireplace mantle in the basement.  I have always had a thing for decorating our home for the different holidays.  So I’m here to show you all the fun mantle decor I put together while we were living with them.  

Once we got all settled in it was getting closer to Halloween and I couldn’t help but add some fun decor to the mantle.  I got pretty lucky at Hobby Lobby finding these decorations.  The “Trick or Treat” sign is a nice wood board that I’m hoping will last for several years.  In addition to the sign, I found the paper fans and foam cut out bats that were a great filler to add the finishing touches. 

“Trick or Treat” – Hobby Lobby

Halloween Fans – Zurchers

Bats – Hobby Lobby

This time of year you can usually find some pretty good deals and sales on Fall decor.  I’ve been finding some pretty amazing deals at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.  If you’re local to me in Utah, you can also find some really cute things at  Rod Works – I love that store, it’s dangerous! 

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