Pumpkin Spice Granola

Do you have a go to snack that you like to have in your home? I always love having some granola in the home and now that I’ve found a granola recipe I LOVE, I just keep making changes to add fun new flavors and extras for each season/holiday.  

My mom shared with my a recipe that my Aunt shared with her and I am so glad it’s been passed on and I get to not pass it on to you.  This fall I’ve added a few new things to this and perfected the bake that I am always going to grab handfuls throughout the day.  

Most of the ingredients I had in my home and I hope you do too so you can make it as soon as possible, because you’ll want to have it around to snack on leading up to Thanksgiving.  I hope you and all your family enjoy this tasty snack as much as we do.  

Print out the PDF version of this recipe HERE.  

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