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Yes, it is true.  I am Pregnant!  We are going to be Parents!

It is still surreal for both of us, but we are starting to prepare for the the baby (or babies?) to arrive.  It feels like we have so much to do, in such little time.  But, we’re still taking things a day at a time, and enjoying every happy moment of this pregnancy.

I am sure you want to know how we found out and what it was like telling our families, so here is how it all happened.

Monday, February 6, I went in at 8:00 a.m. for my blood work.  It was like every other time I’ve gone in to get the blood work, but there was something that surprised me.  After nurse finished drawing my blood I asked if she could leave a note for my coordinator.  Scott and I decided that this time around it would be better if we heard the news together, so I asked if she could leave a note for the coordinator to leave a voicemail.  The one thing that surprised me after she wrote the note was her saying, “You have to promise me to listen to the whole message, so you can hear all the instructions.”


Was there something she saw in my blood already, because I remember last time and the nurse didn’t say anything.  So…I happily took this as hey, this is a really good sign.

After that I went on with my day, back to school.  Nothing changed, other than me being so nervous for the voicemail.  I left work at my usual time and came home and watched The Ellen Show.  After being home for about 30 minutes, I ran upstairs for just a minute, and they called!  I waited and waited, then finally the voicemail came through about five minutes after the call.

Then, I just had to wait for Scott to get home.  He has been so busy at work, which is awesome for business, but I was dying for him to get home from work.

Around 7:00 pm, we finally listened to the voicemail.  We made it through the first sentence of the voicemail, then lost it! My coordinator said, “…you are pregnant.”  We laughed, cried, smiled, and hugged for a few minutes.  Then, we decided we should probably listen to the rest of the voicemail.

I was told to continue taking my medications just as I had been.  So that means, I do one shot ever morning, another shot twice a week at night, a progesterone medication every night, and then every morning a Prenatal Vitamin and Baby Asprin.  I’m sure it seems like a lot, and it is, but it’s part of our daily routine now.

I will take medications until about the middle of March and will have two more appointments, a 7 week and 9 week appointment.  Then, I’ll graduate and move onto my regular OBGYN.  It’s hard to believe that everything is moving forward and each week is such a huge accomplishment.

I’ve had to give in and buy a little something.  I saw these JellyCats at Babinski’s and fell inlove, so of course I had to give in.  We decided for good luck we would need to get two, in the hopes that both of the embryos are growing into two cute little babies.

Before we know it, I’m sure we’ll have more updates for you! So let the waiting game continue for more good news!

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