Next Step: Frozen Embryo Transfer

Frozen Embryo Transfer.  That’s right! Next Thursday, October 20, is the BIG day!

That means I’m back on a schedule with all the medications again.  To give you glimpse of everything that I’m using for the Frozen Embryo Transfer, here is everything…

Last week I started taking two estrogen shots a week, and that will continue.  Tomorrow I’ll start taking a progesterone shot, which will continue daily.  Then Sunday and Monday are big days with the Z-pack and steroids (those only go for a few days of next week).  Then, it’s Thursday, the Transfer Day!

If things go well and the embryo(s) take – we are implanting two – I’ll continue shots for 10 more weeks.  I know that’s a lot to keep doing, but it will all be worth it!

I still can’t believe that the transfer day is here!  Just last month we were thinking we would transfer, and plans changed, for my health and a successful transfer.  Now, it’s really happening and I’m getting all the butterflies about the whole thing every time I think about it.  This is such a big step and will completely change our family and future.  I am anxious to know how everything will go and what the end result will be.

I know this isn’t much for now, but next week it is a BIG week and I’ll share with you all as much as I possibly can!

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