New Year, Same Me, Bigger Goals

Happy 2020! I can’t believe its the start of a new decade.

I have officially been going to CrossFit for one year and I am loving it! It has been one of the best things for me, both mentally and physically.  At the end of last year my gym invited everyone to join a “New Year, New You” challenge. The first 21 days of the challenge is a cleanse, and beginning day 22 we introduce foods that can potentially cause reactions or sensitivities.  As we introduce foods, we better understand our body and know what is best to fuel our body for health and strength.

Monday, we will be two weeks in and I honestly can’t believe I’ve been sticking to it as well as I have been.  I am not usually very good at diets or things like this, but I know how much my body needs this, so I’m All-in! Lucky for me, Scott has also been willing to join in with me, so we are both hoping to see great progress at the end of this.

As I learn new things that are better for my body, I will share recipes, tips and tricks that help me become a better me.  I have a love for food, so I will be trying new things and sharing other recipes that I enjoy while on this diet.  Feel free to join in and try some of these or sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

There are many skills with CrossFit that I am continually working on and hope to “master” to my best by the end of the year.  Of course I want to continue building strength and hopefully by the end of this year I can do everything Rx, which means I won’t be modifying the workouts.  Also, by the end of year I want be able to do strict pull-ups and double-unders…and if I can get them by this summer or fall that would be even better!

Something else I strive to improve each year is the time I spend reading and learning.  So far, I have enjoyed the book Make Something Good Today, which I would highly recommend if you love sweet stories of love, growth and learning.  I’m also reading Body Love and part of the inspiration to read this was because of the cleanse.  To be honest, I wish I would have read this book years ago – it has taught me so much about loving my body and caring for it so I can live a stronger and healthier life.

If you have any book recommendations, I will gladly take them!

Finally, a goal that I continually have is to strengthen my faith and gain a greater knowledge of the gospel.  Ever since I finished teaching, I realized that I needed to have something to continually learn and grow from.  The knowledge I gain from reading the scriptures, listening to General Conference, preparing Sunday School lessons and so much more has helped me become who I am today and allowed my testimony to be what it is.  I love the curriculum this year, The Book of Mormon, which we are studying. – there is so much to learn from having a second testament of Jesus Christ.  I hope as this year commemorates the 20oth Anniversary since Joseph Smith’s First Vision I gain a greater testimony of him and all that we have been blessed with because of his willingness and sacrifices to provide us the knowledge we have today.


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