My Top 5 Amazon Diffusers

While I love my Young Living diffusers, I have come to love these 5 Amazon diffusers.  I have diffusers in our kitchen, family room, office and bedrooms.  With the number of places throughout our home with diffusers, I like to have different diffusers depending on the space.  I still use my Young Living diffusers regularly. But I also wanted to see what else was out there, which led me to my top 5 Amazon diffusers. 

Amazon Diffusers

The online shop of all shops is Amazon.  They have just about everything you could ever imagine, including diffusers.  Diffusers are an essential in any oil lover’s home.  The benefits of diffusing oils in your home are endless.  I love diffusing oils in my home for the smells, the relief of allergies and more.

Amazon Diffuser #1: Yikubee Essential Oil Diffuser

A top amazon diffuser for your home that runs for up to 12 hours!

This Yikubee Essential Oil Diffuser is a great choice for a large room in your home.  One of the best things about this is that it can run for up to 12 hours! There are time options, mist options, and many light color choices too. The best part is the cost, it’s currently on sale for $19. Which is one of the best deals for a diffuser that accommodates a large room. 

Amazon Diffuser #2: Ceramic Oil Diffuser

I love the look of a ceramic diffuser in my home.

I absolutely love the look of ceramic textures in my home, so this Ceramic Oil Diffuser works great in homes.  It’s the great combination of texture to add to the home décor in your home, along with the benefits of the oils diffusing.  This diffuser is known to increase air humidity and quality while providing a healthy living space with essential oils. 

Amazon Diffuser #3: Bloomair Rattan Diffuser

This beautiful rattan diffuser is great for home decor and diffusing essential oils.

One of my favorite things about diffusers in my home is that they also act as décor, which is exactly what this Bloomair Rattan Diffuser does.  The unique handmade woven rattan design is beautiful and can add to the décor throughout your home.  This diffuser has a large water capacity, 500 mL, so it can run for 10-15 hours.  It’s easy to use, mist time and color options and turns off on its own. 

Amazon Diffuser #4: Salking Ceramic Diffuser

Decorate any space in your home and boost your mood as you diffuse your favorite oils with this amazon diffuser.

Here is the Salking Ceramic Diffuser, another great ceramic option that has extra detailing to also use as a night light.  There are 7 color options, time options and an automatic shut off option when the water runs out.  Decorate any space in your home and boost your mood as you diffuse your favorite oils. 

Amazon Diffuser #5: Actpe Portable and Travel-size Diffuser

This mini and portable diffuser is great to take on the go to work, for yoga, in the car, and more.

It is always a good idea to have something small and portable, like the Actpe Portable and Travel-size Diffuser.  This mini and portable diffuser is great to take on the go. It’s great for work, yoga, the car and anywhere else you’d want to bring it with you.  There are two mist modes and several color options, so you can set it the way you like on the go or when you sleep. 

My Favorite Diffusers on Amazon

So, there you have it, my top 5 diffusers from Amazon.  There are so many diffusers to choose from on Amazon and I hope this helps you find one for your home.  If you are wanting to get some more oils to go with those diffusers, I am more than happy to help! To enroll with me and order, go ORDER HERE. Make sure the number 2690598 is in the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields. 

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