My Favorite Prepared Dinners

Sometimes the day gets away from me and 5:00 comes around, with not a prep of dinner underway. Typically, I would make some pancakes and eggs (we love breakfast for dinner), but I have started doing something new that has been even better! I have found a few different ways to meal prep, with the help of others! Prepared Dinners are life savers and I love that companies, local to Utah, are helping families with dinner so we can eat together as a family so easily.

My Favorite Prepared Dinners

There are some amazing companies that I turn to for prepared meals, or quickly grab dinner and come home with it ready to throw in the oven and serve. Here are a few that I love and have used many times, for my family and for other families when they need a meal in a pinch too.

  • Dinnertime Meals
  • Citrus Pear
  • Crut Club
  • Beehive Meals
  • Mama Lisa’s Kitchen

Dinnertime Meals

Dinner Time Meals incredible enchiladas, hot and ready for pick up.

Every day a new meal is prepared for pick-up that evening, just in time for dinner. They have options for personal, small (2), medium (4) and large (6) serving sizes…perfect for anyone at any stage of life. The meals that they prepare are very similar to meals that I grew up eating with my family – enchiladas, bbq chicken rice bowls, shephard pie, Hawaiian haystack and so much more! If you have a night coming up, that you want a meal ready to go for a great dinner, might I suggest you head on over to Dinnertime Meals and get your order in. Use code ALIGOWDY and get a free cookie dough with your meal purchase.

Citrus Pear

Citrus Pear's pot roast freezer meal, prepared and ready to throw in your crock-pot

I have been a fan of Citrus Pear for several years, and they’re a great staple to store in your freezer. Their meals are healthy, simple and full of flavor. I have always gone to a store location to prepare the meals (usually with friends), but they have options to pick up prepared meals or have your meals delivered to your home. They also have options of a family of 4 or family of 6 to prepare for. If you want meals that are easy and quick to throw in the slow cooker, these should be your go-to prepared dinners!

Crust Club

Crust Club's famous chicken pot pie, a prepared meal ready to pick up and take home and throw in the oven.

A local favorite is even closer to our home now, and I cannot wait to have more meals that are ready to be baked and served. From pot pies to soups and sweets, they’ve got you covered. We’ve picked this up for our family, as well as been gifted this after Annabelle was born and other times when people have been so kind to provide a meal for us. If you’re local to me, in Utah, find some time to grab your family a meal at Crust Club, and enjoy a delicious meal around the table together.

Beehive Meals

Prepared meal of creamy lemon chicken from Beehive Meals

Freezer meals are one of the best ways to have meals prepped and ready to go, and Beehive Meals is a great way to have meals ready in an instant. These meals are prepared and delivered to your door, ready to be stored in your freezer or added to your slow cooker for dinner that evening. It’s not always possible to have the time needed to prepare a meal for your family every night.

Mama Lisa’s Kitchen

Lisa has the motto, “if you feed them, they will come.” Which I think is one of the greatest things to live by when gathering family and friends for meals. I have tried numerous recipes from Mama Lisa’s Kitchen and they’re all amazing. Something great that Lisa also does is host baking and cooking classes. From rolls, to pies, to kids baking classes – she is the master at teaching the best techniques and creating the tastiest recipes!

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