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IVF Cycle – Take Two

We are heading into round two of IVF, and things are a little different this time around.  We shared a few things with you previously about what we’ll be going through, but came across an article that we thought explained things so well! They break everything down, step by step, and explain it in a way that is simple enough to understand.

Click Here to read article.  “IVF: What Are Test Tube Babies”

Now, for those of you wondering what steps we’re going through.  This is what the next month looks like for us.

Step One – Suppressing the Natural Menstrual Cycle

Step Two – Super Ovulation

Step Three – Retrieving the Eggs

Step Four – Insemination and Fertilization

We are not doing an Embryo Transfer until December or January.  The Maternal Fetal Specialist we met with suggested that we wait until at least December to get pregnant, to give my body enough time to fully recover and heal from the previous pregnancy.   We feel good about this, and will decide when we want to move forward once we receive the results from the PGD (as they refer to it in the article) or Pre-Genetic Screening (which our specialist calls it).

Tomorrow, Scott and I both begin preparing for everything by taking a Z-Pack or Azithromycin.  This is an antibiotic that fights bacteria and various infections in the body to make sure our systems are healthy prior to the egg retrieval.

This week I will also go in for a Water Ultrasound, where they insert a dye to watch and see where and how it flows from the fallopian tubes to the ovaries.  Unless things have changed, I already know what they’ll see.  On the right, they’ll see the dye go and spread out into nothing specific, because there is no fallopian tube to take the dye to the ovary.  On the left, they’ll see the dye go through the fallopian tube and then spread out, because there is no ovary for the dye to flow into next.  This is a result of the surgeries I’ve had over the past few years caused from Ovarian Torsion and an ectopic pregnancy.

And there you have it.  Ready or not, here we go!

p.s. Thank you for all those who have donated to our YouCaring page.  We are extremely humbled and filled with gratitude for your caring hearts.

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