Holiday Gift Guide for Women

Aria Diffuser – Everyone needs a diffuser in their home, and this beautiful Aria diffuser from Young Living.  Use the diffuser to mix up your favorite scents to smell year round using different essential oils.  

Hey June Beaded Hoops – I love having the perfect hoops that goes with everything, and these beaded hoops from Hey June are perfect to dress up or wear casually.  Use code: ALIGOWDY for 15% off

Initial Pendant Necklace – Having a simple and statement like necklace is a must for me.  I wear a necklace almost everyday and this is for sure a beauty on.  

Apple Watch – Another thing that I wear almost daily and use throughout the day for a variety of things too.  You can’t go wrong with one of these fancy watches.  

Clean Facial Cleansing Device – Who doesn’t want to give their face a little extra TLC?! My sisters told me all about it a few years ago, and now Scott & I are both loving it. 

Quay Sunglasses – These are my go to sunglasses and I wear them year round.  

Ugg Slipper – Now that the cold winter months are here, I like having a warm slipper to wear around the house and if I need to run a few errands too.  

Nike Metcon – These are one of my go-to workout shoes.  They are so comfortable and last for a solid year, even when wearing thing for my daily workout.  

Macro Friendly Food – You can never go wrong with these good and trusty recipes.  I have been using these recipes for the past year and everyone in my family loves them, even little Belles.  

Kitchen Aid – I couldn’t live without a Kitchen Aid and this one is so beautiful to always have out and display as decor in your kitchen year-round.  

Dutch Oven – I have been making a few more recipes that recommend using a dutch oven, so when I started searching I found this one and knew I had to have it.  

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