Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Stanley Tumbler – We love our Stanley cups, so we can tell you that you can never go wrong with an easy on the go cup like one of these.  

Wallet – Sometimes your man needs to update his wallet now and then.  This is a staple wallet that is simple and classy at the same time.  

Hooded Flannel – Having a quick, easy and good looking extra warm flannel to throw on is always nice.  

Socks – Can you really ever go wrong with giving your man a nice new pair of socks? 

Massage Gun – This is a no brainer! Everyone needs a trusty massage gun, especially the hard working man in your life.  

Casual Dressy Shoes – Scott always likes getting new shoes or clothes for Christmas, so this was a great pair of shoes I found that I know he will wear casually or dressed up. 

Apple Watch – We love having our watches to track things like our health and exercise, but it’s also such a convenient way to stay in touch with each other.   

AirPods – These are so nice to have and easily throw in when you’re taking a phone call or listening to some music.  

Kindle – It’s not always easy to carry around a book, but this sleek kindle is a perfect replacement for the reader in your life.  

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