Happy Love Month

Happy LOVE month, friends! 

Starting off the month with a little holiday fun is what I love to do for my little love bug.  I had the best time finding things for her this month, and the dollar spot at Target was the winner this time.  

Whether you do something at the beginning of the month or on the day of the holiday, I hope that these ideas help you bring some fun and love in your home this Valentine’s Day.  

We all celebrate holidays differently, but if this sparks an ideas for you to bring some holiday fun into your home, that’s exactly what I wanted.  Holidays are meant to be celebrated, so let’s get ready to make Valentine’s Day a hit this year! 

A cute holiday outfit, shirt or socks are a fun thing to give that will be a holiday hit!  

If your kids are like my Little Miss, accessories are always a must! These sunglasses were too cute to pass on.  

Throw in something for a little crafting.  You can make heart shaped crayons or buy them.

Each holiday comes with some special candy, so grab a bag and let the family enjoy!

I spotted this Valentine’s Day Advent calendar and was so excited to see something so simple and fun to look forward to Valentine’s Day.  

A holiday book is always a good idea.  There are so many cute ones that can add to your fun collection of books.  

Favorite Holiday Jammies


Heart Love

Star Wars Hearts

Start Wars PJ Set

Valentine’s Day PJ Set

Valentine’s Cutie PJ Set

Fun Valentine’s Day Shirts for Kids

Rawr Means Be Mine

Kind Heart Kind World.

Love at First Slice

Loved Raglan 

Valentine Rainbow Shirt

love you most. 

Fun Valentine’s Day Shirts for Moms

be mine valentine


Leopard Lips

A Little Something for Mom

Wish Upon A Star Loungewear

With the lifestyle of being home pretty often, loungewear sets are something I think we would all love more of in our closet. 

“Momma” Nora Disc Necklace

There are so many options of special and sentimental jewelry that I love to have and wear daily.

I have their “Momma” one you see above, but I also have one with “Emma Jane” written and I love them both so so much!

Oil Starter Kit

If you don’t know by now, I’m loving using essential oils and think everyone would love them too!

I threw in a few extra goodies for you mama’s, because you need to love yourself so much this month that you buy a special shirt or something.  Find some fun goodies for yourself because I bet I’m not the only one with a hubby that already bought himself a Valentine’s Day gift.  

Have a fun holiday with your loved ones and know that you are loved by more than you may ever know. 


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