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Hip Hip Horray! Annabelle’s helmet came off today!!!

It is hard to believe that our helmet days have come to an end.  We have made the most of this time while Annabelle has been “fixin’ her flat” or in medical terms, her plagiocephaly has been healed.

If you’re preparing for your own child to get their own helmet, here are a few things to make this journey a little bit more enjoyable.

Cute Clothes

There are so many cute companies that specialize in making onesies/shirts with the perfect saying to go along with your helmet wearing baby.  We loved the onesie we were gifted from Babbleworthy that said “Helmet hair don’t care” which couldn’t have been more true.  You’ll learn that when the helmet comes off for break time, that hair is a mess! But we loved it, especially once her hair started growing out more…it got to be a bit cray-cray.

Somethings to consider with your little ones clothes while they wear a helmet.  They will get over-heated very easily.  Go down in a layer, or put them in clothes that aren’t as thick.  Also, fitting onesies and other things over their head will become a pit tricky.  Try and find onesies or shirts that can stretch easily or button to give more room to pull something over their head and helmet.


Being a mom to a girl, I am obsessed with bows! So, of course, I had to find a way to incorporate bows with the helmet.  Luckily, I was searching for ideas and found the cutest Etsy shop Averysbandbows.  Liz was so sweet and sent us some bows and even matching mommy and me bows and earrings (seriously, to die for)! They were the perfect addition to her outfits to make the helmet become a part of the outfit too.

There are many Etsy shops what do decals for the helmets.  Babbleworthy has adorable ones with such clever catch phrases if your’e wanting something like that.  I also saw some shops that would have a decal to cover the entire helmet or even paint right on the helmet.  The options are endless, you might just need to get a little creative if you don’t like what you’re finding online.

Talk About It

You will be approached by kids all the way up to grandparents asking why your baby is wearing a helmet.  Be open, and talk about it! They’re asking because they aren’t familiar with these helmets and want to learn about them.

When you open up and talk about it, know that you are helping others become more aware of plagiocephaly and potentially helping others become more educated in something they might encounter in the future.

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