Fresh Peach Salsa

Our sweet neighbors surprised us with bowls full of fruit and vegetables, so I decided to put it all to use and make some fresh peach salsa.  I have made quick and easy pico many times, so to make a salsa that had a bit more to it was new for me, but I was ready to try it out.  

I read through several different recipes and decided to take a bit from each to make it my own.  I’ve always known that cilantro, lemon juice and salt are a must in salsa.  To add a little extra flavor I went with onions, red tomatoes and garlic.  The tomato paste will be used for thickening, so if you are happy with how the simmer is thickening the salsa, don’t worry about adding it.  Everything together in this is a great combination to make the perfect fresh peach salsa to enjoy before summer is over. 

Print out the PDF version of the recipe HERE.   

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