First Snow of the Season

We all had a feeling that the forecast wouldn’t be true, because the weather has a thing for changing pretty quick in Utah.  To our pleasant surprise, the forecast was right and we got our first snow of the season!

Annabelle looked out the window with us this morning and all she could say was, “See the snow!” For the rest of the day she would run to the front window and look out and make some comments about the snow, then run to the back door and do it all over again.  It was the cutest thing! I knew she would love seeing the snow this year, but I didn’t think she would love it this much – and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  

To enjoy our day inside we had a tasty breakfast made by daddy, then we were blessed to watch the broadcast of our church leaders speaking, while Annabelle entertained herself with toys and an occasional “show”  on the couch with momma.  We do what we can to help Annabelle play independently , but when momma and daddy are right there she wants us to play with her too. 

Having church at home again was a little different today because we’ve been able to go back to church.  When we’re at church Annabelle does really well knowing she needs to be reverent. Having church at home today was a change, but she handled it great. She knew it was church time when she heard the hymns and then decided to start singing along.  It always amazes me to watch and see how quickly little ones recognize and connect things.  

After nap time, Annabelle was pretty bummed that the snow in our yard was melted.  So, we hopped in the car and went on one of our favorite drives up the canyon to find some snow.  I felt like we were driving through the seasons on our way to Tibble Fork Reservoir.  It started sunny and colorful with all the fall leaves, then snow was on a few branches of trees here and there and finally we found a little more snow and decided to stop and play in it.  

Being out in the beauty of nature is always a treat, but even more of a treat when you get to enjoy it with your children and see their excitement.

A few photos from our adventure.

Teaching Annabelle how to catch snowflakes on our tongues.  

Just dancing to warm up, we’re not quite used to the cold temperatures yet.

I may be a bit too excited for the changes of the seasons and the fun that comes with the holidays, but I just can’t get enough of experiencing these things with Annabelle.  It brings the joy of the holidays and seasons to a whole new level and I am loving it! 

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