Fall Essential Oil Bundle

The cooler days are coming, and that makes me want all the cozy home scents, festive DIYs and wellness needs, which I can get with the fall essential oil bundle. With the oils included in this bundle, you can make a number of different fall essential oil blends to get your house feeling more like one of my favorite times of year!

Over the last few years I have come to love using essential oils in my home. I love that with the variety of oils I have, I can make different diffuser blends, rollers and more. If you haven’t collected these oils, I highly recommend them because you’ll want to use them all with the upcoming seasons and holidays.

Fall Essential Oil Bundle

Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet, warm, spicy, relaxing, or comforting, you’ll find it here in my Fall Bundle. Included in this bundle is: cinnamon bark, orange, grapefruit, clove, bergamot, Christmas spirit, thieves and nutmeg. Each of these oils has their own unique smell and benefits, but when combined with another in this mix you get the perfect pairing for all the fall moods.

Now you might be wondering how to combine these oils to get the perfect fall smell in your home. With the help of fellow oil lovers, here are some perfect diffuser blends you can get pumping in your diffusers. A few of my favorites are: Anthro Autumn, Fall Fest and Cozy Night. They are all amazing and I blend everyone of them at some point each fall season.

5 Steps to a Cozy Fall

I know there are so many things to get out and do in the fall, but I have to share these 5 steps to a cozy fall that you can do right in your home! It can be so tempting to grab that fall candle to start burning, but don’t do it. Candles can burn a countless number of potential hazardous chemicals and we really don’t want that in our homes. Essential oils are a clean alternative, with a variety of uses and benefits too!

Here are the 5 Steps to a Cozy Fall I know you can easily incorporate in your life:

Have I convinced you to get this bundle yet and helped you realize how amazing it is? I sure hope so! I have loved using essential oils and they are my go to most days when I’m ready to boost my mood with a little oil on me or in a diffuser.

Grab your Fall Bundle Here

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