Faithfully Take One Step & God Will Lead You

You know how sometimes you take a leap of faith and go for something and put one foot forward? Then that one step forward leads to God giving you 10 more steps in the right direction? 

I was able to attend a conference, Aspire Her, that was and answer to my prayers in a way I never expected.  I am beyond grateful for the experience I had to attend and meet women that influenced me to better myself.  

There are times in our lives that God places people, events, experiences and so much more to refine us and help us better understand who we are and who we are meant to be.  

Attending the Aspire Her conferences was where I put one foot forward and then 10 steps in the right direction came right after.  My one foot forward was faithfully praying, fasting and acting to do actually do something. 

For the past few weeks/months we have been looking for a home.  Almost two years ago we moved out of our rental and in with our Aunt and Uncle to pay down our debt and better our situation for buying a home.  Well, covid came around and put a damper on that…interest rates dropped (that was good), housing prices went up and up (not so good).  The timing just wasn’t in our favor a year ago when we thought we’d be buying a home.  

Fast forward a year and we’re in a much better place and feeling even better about finding a house.  The market is still crazy, but there are those hidden gems that we would find every once in a while.  So, we start putting offers in and hope and pray that something will happen. Our offers weren’t getting accepted, but we just kept pushing forward because there wasn’t much else we could do.  

After putting in more offers and looking in areas we never thought to look, our offer was accepted! We feel so grateful and blessed to have a place to call home.  It is even more perfect for us than we expected and we are so excited to move in! 

We can’t wait to make this house a home and make memories with our family and friends for years to come.

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