Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is right around the corner, and I may or may not have our Easter Baskets ready.  I love grabbing a few things here and there when I find them, especially when they’re at one of my regular grocery spots…Target, Walmart, Harmons and other places around home.  There are also things we add to our baskets that are a tradition from when Scott and I were kids.  

  1. Easter Eggs – a must in every Easter basket.  Fill them with your favorite candies, coins, little trinkets, dollar bills…there are so many things you could put in them.  
  2. Kite – We’ve had many windy spring days, so a kite is a great idea for a fun activity outside for the whole family.  This is also a tradition we’re carrying on from Scott’s family that we are loving!
  3. Swim Suit – Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to get excited for days at the beach and pool than with a new swim suit! This is something Mimi & Bompa (Scott’s parents) always gift the littles in the family.  
  4. Pencil Case – Our little loves to color, so we’re going to hide some colored pencils inside for a special surprise.  
  5. Bubbles – What kid doesn’t love to spend a sunny day outside playing with bubbles.  Such a fun and simple activity for littles to do by themselves. 
  6. Easter Lollipops – Our little gets dirty pretty quickly with chocolate, so I tend to go for lollipops…especially when they are wearing a nice new Easter outfit.  
  7. Bows/Bowties – A special holiday tends to mean a new bow or bowtie to go with the new outfit.  Little Poppy Co. is our monthly go to and we love all the bows we get with our monthly subscription.  
  8. Basket – The Easter Bunny needs a little something to leave your goodies in. Then, the little’s will need  something to collect their eggs in on the Easter Egg Hunt.  

I couldn’t forget something that we love about holidays…the BOOKS!  Such a fun reason to pull out different books and read to get excited for the upcoming holiday.  The book rotation helps keep our little excited to read new books knowing that there are new stories to hear.  

Here are a few of our favorites for Easter…

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