Easter 2021 in Pictures

I hope you all had an amazing Easter weekend with family and friends.  Leading up to Easter weekend, we were busy out and about enjoying the beautiful weather and getting ready for a fun Easter Sunday.  

We also started potty-training again and it’s going well.  I know everyone experiences different things with their children and I’m so grateful for all the advice friends and family were willing to give me. We’re still working on a few things, but we’re moving in the right direction and I’m beyond thrilled about that.    

Our Easter started with a fun little Easter Egg Hunt around the house for Annabelle, which she was very much into this year.  She loved finding all the fun and sneaky places the eggs were hidden, but not as much as the goodies she discovered inside the eggs.  

In the early afternoon we went on a little drive to go and visit Emma, our angel.  Annabelle wanted to take her kite to fly with Emma, so we attempted a few times before the wind decided to “take a nap” as we told Annabelle.  

We then ventured to one of  the most peaceful little spots in Alpine, where someone created a space where visitors were invited to enjoy an Easter Walk.  We walked passed the three crosses and then made our way to a tomb.  It was a peaceful walk as a family to remember the meaning of Easter.  

In the evening, my sisters joined us for one of our favorite spring meals that our cousin and Grandma would make all the time growing up – Crustless Quiche at Spinach salad.  Definitely not your typical Easter meal, but we loved it! Then we went to the field by our house and flew the kite, successfully this time…I think this will be one of Annabelle and Scott’s favorite memories of Easter this year. 

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