Dining Room Decor Ideas

We’re getting closer to moving into our house and I can’t stop thinking about all the ways I want to decorate.  The home is smaller than the rental we’ve been living in, so I’m trying to find ways to minimize and keep things look less cluttered to make the space seem bigger.  

When we moved out of our rental, we sold our dining table, so finding a dining table for the house has been something we know we want to purchase soon. There is no island in the kitchen, which means having a dining table sooner rather than later is probably best.  

I have always loved the Mockelby table from Ikea, and I think that’s what we’ll be going with.  There are a lot of tables out there that look similar to the Mockelby, but the price tag isn’t as good.  For the time being, we’re looking for something that will be the best bank for our buck, and this is it. 

These chairs are so unique yet so simple at the same time, and I love them.  Having some contrast with the wood table and think that with the coloring in the home, it would look great all put together.  Plus, it’ll give options to pull other pieces of furniture in with the simple color options.  

Could you pass up a light fixture this good for the price? Currently there is a fan in the dining room, and I am hopeful to swap it out for this fixture sooner rather than later because it would give such different look to the room.  Also, the lighting from it would be incredible for the space, as the only lighting is from the fan lights at the moment.  

Any way to add extra storage in the home is all good to me.  We will be in a smaller home, which I’m kind of excited about, but also know I’ve got a lot to figure out as well. I love the idea of having a way to have a beautiful piece of furniture, plus a lot of storage too.  

Knowing that we’ll be getting started with some new projects around our house is so exciting! We have waited for this day for years and to know that it’s almost here is still a little surreal.  

We are so excited for the possibilities of how we can make this home more ours and can’t wait to take you along with us.  There are so many others we know and look up to that have been able to do incredible things we their homes and we can’t wait to see what we get to do with the time we get to spend there.  

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