Our Favorite Christmas Books

Our love for books is so great that we have a hard time saying no when we find a new book.  Hopefully, our love for books will give you a few ideas of books to add to your collection.  

Several of these came from my collection from when I was teaching…reading with my students was always one of my favorite things to do.  Others are for younger kids, Annabelle’s age, that are easier to look through at the pictures and shapes.  Then, that leaves a few of the classics that Scott and I love to read together each December to bring in the holiday spirit.  

Happy reading to all, we hope you enjoy some time with your family reading books this holiday season. 

Picture Books for Littles

Annabelle was gifted this book last year from her cousins for our cousin Christmas book exchange.  She has loved the story and the fun pictures to go along with it, but her favorite part of the book is always getting to see the twinkling lights at the end of the book.  

I can’t leave a store without checking the book section, which is where I found this fun book.  There are cutout shapes to point out with your littles and a fun story to ties it all together with the story you will all love.  

This is a new book that was added to our collection this year.  I have always loved the trees and decorations you can find in New York City for the holidays.  This book shares a story of the Rockefeller Christmas tree and some little friends that learn how special their tree is for so many around the world.  

If your little ones have an imagination, this book is perfect of them! This is a story of a young girl who see’s her world come to life and how this world coming to life brings new friends together.  

For your little readers this is a great book to help them learn and find holiday friends that connect with all the letters in the alphabet.  We love going through the book and finding all the friends that come around for the holidays.  

If there was a book I remember from my childhood, it’s any of the Mouse books.  I have always loved the fun stories and creative pictures that bring the book to life.  If you’re ever up to some extra fun, bring some of the crafts and activities from the book to life for your kids.  

For your little ones that love an interactive book, this is for them! Roly Poly and his friends go on an adventure looking for Santa Claus and find many of their friends hiding in different places along the way, that you find with the tabs to pull.  

Llama Llama is another classic that is great to have around for the holidays.  We all get so anxious and can’t wait for the holidays to get here, but the one thing that is always there is our family and friends, which is that greatest part of the holidays. 

For the Adults

The classic story of A Christmas Carol is one that we love reading every year.  There is so much to learn and be reminded of from Scrooge and the experiences he has throughout the story.  Another special thing about this book is the time Scott and I have together to read this.  

Scott was gifted this book from his Dad before we were married and he has always made a point to read it each December. 

This book brings in a spiritual reminder of our riches on earth and in heaven.  As you read this, the sweet reminders of our true treasures that we get to take with us in the life hereafter.  These treasures are brought to remind us of the importance of life and what we do for others.  

Merry Christmas!

We hope you are all having a wonderful December and holiday season.  May this be a year of memories and sweet reminders of the importance of spending time together with the ones you love.  

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