Chocolate Chip Mini M&M Cookies

There is something so fun and festive about chocolate chip cookies with some colorful M&M’s.  I always love making these cookies to have around the house for the holidays.  They’re a classic that just about everyone loves.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the holiday mini M&M’s because they really do make the cookies look and taste great!

I will give you a heads up that there is a lot of chocolate in these cookies.  If you are not a big fan of all the chocolate, I would recommend cutting down on the amount of chocolate chips before the M&M’s.  No matter what, add the M&M’s and a few chocolate chips.  

Print out the PDF version of this recipe HERE

This post was inspired by the #LightTheWorld invitation to share what brings peace & calm in my life.

Spending time in the kitchen baking, cooking and gathering with family and friends brings me so much peace, calm and joy!

Baking became such a safe and happy place for me as a child.  It gave me time to spend with my mom as we/d bake for our family or for others in need.  Working at a bakery through college gave me a place that felt like home and a place where I met so many new friends.  Still to this day I love getting together with family and friends to bake, cook and create beautiful delicious food for those I love. 

I’m so grateful to have been taught how to bake and cook because it has become such a special time to feel peace and calm in my life. 

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