Cake Smash

Is there anything cuter than a little babe digging in to their very own cake for the first time? The confusion of not knowing what to do then leading to out of control excitement eating the cake is something I am so glad we were able to capture with these pictures.  

Our dear friends helped us with this photoshoot and had the whole backdrop set up to go right along with the floral crown and cake I wanted to make Annabelle.  Working together was a dream and I think that everything came together wonderfully! 

The crown was made from a few different pieces I found at Hobby Lobby.  I started off with a flower girl crown then added to it with the greenery and flowers.  It has even turned out to be a beautiful piece to add as a decoration in her bedroom.  

My sister-in-law helped me make the tutu, which ended up being so much easier than I thought.  Just a piece of elastic, which we tied together.  Then we finished it off with some 2 rolls of tulle, one a glittery pink and one a baby pink.  

Knowing that the cake was going to be smashed, I decided to use a box cake mix then I made my own buttercream frosting to add between layers and on the outside.  I topped off the cake with the same flowers and greenery I used for her floral crown.  

Having everything come together so perfectly was a dream come true! I love these pictures and will make sure that they end up in a special book for us to always remember this epic Cake Smash for our Annabelle Rose.

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