Bringing Christmas Spirit to Summer

Welcome to my corner of the internet, where I share my passion for motherhood and home decor! Today, we’re going to dive into a delightful topic that combines the joy of Christmas with the warmth of summer: celebrating Christmas in July. Join me as we explore creative ways to infuse the holiday spirit into our lives during this sunny season.

Decorate with a Twist

Who says Christmas decorations are only for December? Embrace the festive spirit by incorporating summer elements into your holiday decor. Think wreaths adorned with seashells and starfish, or a Christmas tree decorated with tropical-themed ornaments. This unique blend of winter and summer aesthetics will bring a refreshing twist to your home.

Christmas Movie Marathon

Gather your loved ones for a cozy movie night featuring classic Christmas films. Snuggle up with blankets, serve chilled drinks, and indulge in holiday treats like candy canes and gingerbread cookies. Whether it’s a heartwarming family favorite or a hilarious comedy, these movies will transport you to a winter wonderland, even in the midst of summer.

DIY Holiday Crafts & Gifts

Engage your creativity by making DIY decorations inspired by Christmas. Get the kids involved and spend an afternoon crafting ornaments, wreaths, or even a beach-themed nativity scene. These handmade treasures will not only infuse your home with holiday cheer but also create lasting memories for your family.

We love incorporating Pippi Post’s Christmas Reading Countdown Poster. It’s easy to collect or find Christmas books at the library, so read everyday leading up to Christmas, or all through the rest of the summer to get more reading in before school starts.

Festive Summer Recipes

Combine the flavors of summer and Christmas by experimenting with festive recipes. Whip up a batch of Santa hat-shaped fruit skewers using strawberries and banana slices. Make some tasty cookies using holiday sprinkles, because I’m not the only one that still has Christmas sprinkles in my cupboard. Or, try making a refreshing Christmas punch with tropical fruits and sparkling beverages. These culinary delights will tantalize your taste buds and add a touch of holiday magic to your summer gatherings.

Here is my favorite Christmas cookie recipe, super fun and great to make with kids too!

Giving Back

Christmas is a season of giving, and there’s no better time to extend kindness than during Christmas in July. Research local charities or organizations hosting summer initiatives, and find ways to contribute. Whether it’s volunteering your time, donating items, or organizing a small fundraising event, spreading goodwill will warm your heart and make a positive impact on your community.

Christmas in July

Bringing the joy of Christmas to July is a delightful way to break away from the ordinary and infuse your summer with a touch of holiday magic. By incorporating festive decor, enjoying Christmas movies, engaging in DIY crafts, exploring unique recipes, and giving back to the community, you can create cherished memories that will make this summer season unforgettable. Embrace the spirit of Christmas in July and let the magic of the holidays shine brightly, no matter the time of year.

Happy Christmas in July, everyone!

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