Bran Muffins

My love for these muffins has not changed since the day I first tried them.  When I was in college, my roommate and I took a weekend trip from the freezing cold Rexburg, to go visit her family in Utah.  It was late evening when we arrived and my friend’s mom had these Bran Muffins for us, hot and fresh out of the oven.  They were to die for!  I love plain and simple bran muffins, but if you want to add raisins, nuts, or anything like that to make them more “you” by all means go for it!

Fresh muffins in the morning is one of my favorites, and it’s a bonus when it warms up the house on a cool spring morning.  This recipe makes A LOT of muffins, so many that I usually only make a batch at a time, then store the batter in some Tupperware until I’m ready to make another batch.

It doesn’t take much to finish off these muffins, but I usually add some butter and let it melt in and it’s the most divine bran muffin you’ll ever taste.  If you want to add honey or jam, go right ahead…just be sure to enjoy every bite!

Print out the PDF version of this recipe HERE.

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