BOO Basket

I put together a little something for my tiny monster to make this spooky season even more fun – a BOO BASKET!  It’s filled with all sorts of goodies from new bows to a book and a new pair of jammies. Making this spooky season fun and enjoying the holiday the whole month is making me want to do this for all the holidays now!

Having a few extra weeks to have some fun celebrating the spooky season is just what we needed this year.  The joy and excitement that Annabelle is getting as each holiday comes is contagious and I feel like I am reliving the holidays as a child too. 

My friend Lauren over on Saying it Southern shared this idea a few weeks ago with some others on Instagram and I knew I had to make a BOO Basket for Annabelle.  Lauren went with a theme for her baskets – something to WEAR, something to READ, something they WANT and something they NEED.   

You can absolutely add as much or as little as you want.  I ended up find things here and there are the Halloween goodies were coming out at the stores I shop at, so I’d pick up a thing or to at different stores.   There were two things that I wanted to make sure were a part of the BOO Basket – a holiday book and new jammies.  Those were two things I ended up ordering online to make sure I go them.  

The whole point of this is to enjoy the holidays and make memories with your family.  Whatever you are able to do for your family will be perfect and I promise you, your kids will love getting to enjoy this spooky season even more!

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