Back to School with Essential Oils

With summer coming to an end, it’s time to talk about getting back to school with essential oils. Whether you’re the teacher, student, parent of students or homeschooling – the tips I have for you will be something you can use throughout the whole school year.

From immunity to focus, courage to calm, getting back to school with essential oils is one of the best ways to prepare to be the best we can be for a new school year. I started using oils a few years ago and I am so grateful I did, because I’ve been able to prepare for times like this – and want to help you too! It’s easy to order oils and I’ve got some tips for you as you and your family get back to school with essential oils.

Clever Kids roller is a great way to boost your kids mood when going back to school.
10 drops of each: vetiver, lavender, frankincense, rosemary – then top with jojoba oil in a roller bottle

Back to School Immune Support

If we can take charge of germs when we get back to school and start using Thieves ahead of time. Thieves is a blend of essential oils designed to support the body’s immune system. Dilute about 10 drops with a carrier oil, like coconut oil, in a roller bottle and run it onto your kids feet daily.


It’s pretty hard to avoid touching things, especially when you’re so excited to get back to school with your friends and learning. That’s why I always have a little bottle of Thieves Hand Sanitizer easy to reach in backpacks and bags.

Thieves classroom cleaner is a a great way for teachers and students to clean with no toxins.


The nerves are most likely going to sink in knowing it’s time to get back to school and you’ll be ready to help when you have some Valor essential oil on hand. Add a drop of valor onto your wrists or into your hands and breathe it in to inspire confidence and courage. Tummygize is another go-to because of its naturally comforting and quieting aroma. Roll some Tummygize right on your little ones tummy and watch the butterflies fly away.

After School

The school day is over and kids are coming home to start homework, extracurricular, play with friends and more. Before my little one gets home from school, I love to start diffusing a mixture of Peace & Calming and Vetiver. Peace & Calming creates a positive and calming atmosphere, while vetiver supports a a creative, calm and focused environment for children.

Peace & Calming is a great essential oil to use when going back to school.

Feeling Sick

Not feeling great or heard that a bug is floating around school? I like to have a roller, called “The Ick” ready to roll on my little one to help as much as I can. In a roller bottle I add 6 drops of RC, lemon and frankincense then fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil. Roll it over the chest and throat for relief.


Your little one has been busy all day and it’s time to wind down for bed. Every night while our little one is getting ready for bed, we get the Sweet Dreams blend going – 3 drops lavender, 2 drops cedarwood, 2 drops vetiver and 1 drop geranium. Another helpful thing is the Sleepyize roller, we roll it on the bottom of our little ones feet to calm her and get her dreaming in no time.

Diffuser Blends

With all the different emotions of going back to school, I discovered that a diffuser blend is great for every emotion. From sun up to sun down, these diffuser blends will be there to save the day and help your little ones be ready for anything.

You can download & print this card of blends HERE.

Get Back to School Ready

It can be stressful and busy when we get back to school, but I know that these few things will make things easier with this adjustment. I’m so grateful to have essential oils and know how to best use them to support my family through many different times of our lives.

Back to School with Essential Oils Summary Board

We are excited for school to start and have already started using some of these rollers and diffuser blends to get familiar with our school schedule routine. I hope things go smoothly for you and your family this school year with the help of these oils.

I’ve got a bundle all ready with the things I’ve shared here for you to order if you want to add these oils to your Back to School routine. It’s going to be a great school year and we have some of the best tools with these oils to stay healthy and enjoy another school year.

SURPRISE! Here are a few other goodies of printables we love having up in our house to welcome in the school year. Click HERE to download & print.

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