Annabelle’s Two Infinity & Beyond Birthday Party

How is it that Little Miss Annabelle is already TWO! It seems like just yesterday we were going through IVF and not long after she was born.  To have two years go by this quickly is blowing my mind!

I had the BEST time planning and prepping everything for this party, even though it was a little different with only family.  BUT that sure didn’t stop everyone from letting Annabelle know how much she is loved.  

A few months before Annabelle’s birthday, Scott introduced her to Toy Story and she fell in LOVE with all the characters. Annabelle would find Woody, Buzz and Jessie and play with them just like Andy, so we couldn’t help but plan a Toy Story themed party.  With it being her second birthday, I had to play on the words and make it a Two Infinity & Beyond Birthday Party.

My goal is to always make a birthday cake or dessert for everyone’s birthday in my family.  So far, I’ve been doing pretty good.  For Annabelle’s cake I started looking all over Pinterest for the perfect Toy Story birthday cake to recreate.  I couldn’t find just one that I loved, so I decided to mix and match a cake recipe with a frosting and decorating style.  I wanted a fun and colorful cake that Annabelle would be so excited to see, and she LOVED it! She loved it so much she started naming all the characters and then started eating the frosting too.  

What’s a birthday party without a fun activity too? I found a quick and easy craft for everyone to make, Forky! It was easy to prep, but finding sporks was the toughest part, thank goodness for Amazon!  Other than that, I got everything else at Hobby Lobby and Walmart. It was easy enough for kids of all ages to make.  

Before everyone left we had a little something that we all find useful now a days, hand sanitizer!  Now a days it seems like we’re always in need of hand sanitizer, so I made a fun and cute little label to put on the front to “fancy” up the ordinary hand sanitizer bottle.  

Party favors are always nice to have, especially when it’s something that we will use.  So, if you’re planning a party and wanting to give our favors try and think of something that will be used and not just thrown away.  

I had high hopes to make this party a special one, and I think it turned out pretty great.  From the decorations to the cake to the party favors, it all turned out just right for the birthday girl to make her feel as special as she is.  We can’t let moments with our children pass by without cherishing the milestones and celebrating along the way.  

Party Details

Decorations: Balloon Arch, Cloud Backdrop

Cake Decorations: Mini Characters, Lollipop, Candles, Sprinkles

Forky: Sporks, Pipe-cleaner, Model Magic, Popsicle Sticks, Googley Eyes, Sharpies

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