Affordable DIY Roman Shades

I have always wanted to have roman shades in my home, but wanted to test out the look first, so I decided to try some affordable DIY roman shades! Roman shades give such a unique and beautiful look to your home, but the price can sometimes make your re-think that decision. I have looked at a variety of styles of roman shades and while I was looking, I discovered DIY roman shades.

There are many different ways to make DIY roman shades, but I when I discovered a more affordable way I couldn’t help but make them! I found a tutorial from Lantern Lane Designs of DIY Roman Shades with tension Rods. When I priced it out and realized I would be spending under $50 to make two sets of roman shades, I decided to make them this week.

What you need to make Affordable DIY Roman Shades

I hit up two different stores, Walmart and Joanns for all the materials I needed and got to work. You will only need to get 3 things to make these:

How to DIY Roman Shades

With the tension rods, you will be placing this fabric on the rod inside the window frame. Not all windows are the same though, so you will need to take the specific measurements of your window. I would recommend measuring the full length of the window, and adding a few inches, if you’re wanting to pull it down for privacy.

Cut the fabric then iron the sides to make it easier for the fabric to be glued together. When you get to the top piece of fabric, I folded the fabric over the tension rod to glue it, making it easy for hanging it in the window frame. When you get the other tension rods up, you’ll pull the fabric over each rod to give it the roman shade look. And that’s it!

More DIY Roman Shade Options

Before & After

When we moved into our home, there were hanging curtains on all the windows and I am so grateful the previous owners left them! I love the natural light we get from the windows, but when evening comes around, I like being able to close the curtains and not have everyone looking right into our house. If you like the look, you can have the roman shads and curtains on all windows, but I just wanted the roman shade look in our kitchen – so that’s what we did.



Now you can go do your test run of roman shades with this affordable DIY roman shade. If you like it enough, you might just leave it until it doesn’t work anymore, or you’re ready to spend a little more money on expensive roman shades.

Our kitchen looks amazing with this little change and I can’t wait to see the difference it makes as I continue working on projects in here. You may think that it’s more work to hang the fabric over the rods, but it takes me maybe 30 seconds to do both of them…I’d say it’s not a bit deal. The shade that comes from the curtains is perfect and is actually better than the curtains because I don’t have to completely close them to get them to block the sun.

So if you’ve been wanting to get some roman shades, but can’t quite bite the bullet and buy them here’s your solution. With just a few things you can make these easy and affordable DIY roman shades for just about any spot in your house!

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