ABC’s of Motherhood

Day in and day out, you experience motherhood, which led to this list of the ABC’s of Motherhood. There are countless ways to describe and feel connected to motherhood. The ABC’s of Motherhood are to help you remember all the good, better and best parts of motherhood.


As a mother, you need to know that you are doing more than enough. You work day and night to care for and love your children. They adore you, each and every day for who you are and what you do.


The best kind of busy is running your kids to doctors appointments, school, gymnastics, baseball practice, and all the other places. While it may get overwhelming with all the places to go, you are busy with the ones that love you and they appreciate you – even when they don’t say it.


A great coach inspires, supports, and encourages. That is exactly what mothers do when they are there for kids through all the different stages of life. You are the one that is going to help you kid move forward and do great things!


While you are taking care of your miracle, don’t give up, ask for help, and remember that you are strong! You are devoted to your kids in helping them succeed and in their well-being. Through all of it, that doesn’t mean you should forget about yourself. So be devoted to yourself too!


Whether you send your kids to school, or home school your kids – you are an educator. As you spend time with your kids at home, you are teaching them love, patience, kindness, gratitude, and so much more. They are watching you and learning from what they see you do. Take opportunities to teach them and serve them.


To this day, I go to my mom because she is that constant friend. Be that for your kids. Be someone they can trust, someone they can laugh and cry with. It can be a hard place to choose between a friend and a mom, depending on the circumstance. I have loved learning about the difference and the importance of both. The article, Difference Between Parent and Friend was so helpful for me to read!


I remember seeing this list of things to be grateful for and it has stuck with me, each and every day. There is something to find gratitude in the mundane everyday tasks of motherhood.

I am grateful for…

  1. Early wake-ups = Children to love
  2. House to clean = Safe place to live
  3. Laundry = Clothes to wear
  4. Dirty dishes = Food to eat
  5. Crumbs under the table = Family meals
  6. Shopping to do = Money to use
  7. Toilets to clean = Indoor plumbling
  8. Lots of noise = Kids having fun
  9. Endless questions = Kids learning
  10. Getting into bed sore and tired = I’m still alive


It’s not a walk in the park, that’s for sure. As mothers, we are humbled time and time again by the experiences we have with our kids. Mother Theresa once said, “If you are humble, nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace, because you know what you are.”


You are the one there to inspire your kids to become the firefighter, doctor, teacher, or whomever they want to become. You inspire them with positive affirmations of, “I am an amazing person,” or “I can do hard things.” You remind your kids that if they have goals and dream, they can achieve them.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed with the tasks of being a mother. I love how Rebekah from Surviving Toddlerhood puts it, “Joy in motherhood begins with serving. I know you have been serving ever since your baby came home. Feeding, changing, washing, carrying, over and over again. Your baby is now a toddler, or a kindergartner, or a middle-schooler, and you have been serving this whole time. If you then say, “I serve and serve, and serve some more, but I’m not filled with joy”, then maybe we should look at WHY we are serving and HOW we are serving.”


It can be so hard to not kiss that newborn baby, or kiss your big kid goodnight. You can’t help but love them and let them know you love them with your gentle kiss. Some of us have little ones that are waiting for us in heaven – our sweet angel Emma Jane. Even though they’re not with us, you have sweet reminders, like the touch of a butterfly or snow on your cheek, that makes it feel like a kiss from that sweet angel above.


Laughter is the best medicine. Laughing comes around several times a day in our home, because of something funny someone says or does. There are also benefits to laughing too, especially on those hard days.

Laughter enhances your oxygen intake, stimulates your heart, lungs, and muscles, and relieves physical tension or stress. Take some time to laugh each and everyday with your kids, and enjoy the sound of laughter in your home.


There is a never-ending list of things to accomplish in a day. From the day you give birth, you are catering to your children, bath them, feed them, take care of household needs like laundry, cleaning and dishes…the list could go on and on. All these things you are doing while living your life, caring for yourself and others. You can do it, I know you can, but give yourself a break every now and then too.


To nurture means to care for and encourage the growth or development of someone or something. Mothers are known to be nurturers, to encourage growth and development for their children. As you nurture your children, there is no greater feeling than seeing them succeed. Also, nurture yourself and your soul so you can better nurture the ones you love most.


It’s ok to be ordinary, to be normal mom that takes care or kids and all the tasks that come with it. Feed them breakfast, get them ready for school, fold the laundry…there is no one way to be a perfect mom, but a million ways to be a good one.


Be lively, mischievous, and spirited. Have fun with your kids and don’t worry about the mess you make or all the things you need to get done. Your kids will remember the moments you took time to play hide-and-seek with them or build a snowman. They’re little moments that will be remembered by you and your kids.


Life can be really loud when you have kids. They’re laughing, or crying, or screaming and shouting. Once nap time starts to come to an end, we tend to encourage our kids have “quiet time”. There are benefits to them having quiet time, but also benefits for moms to have quiet time too.

Angie, from Living a Legacy shares these 5 tip for the mom who wants to hide in the closet:

  1. Create a “quiet-time” in your home…
  2. Make sure you do get time every now and again to think and reflect on your heart attitude as a mother
  3. Adjust your expectations!
  4. Choose to be REAL
  5. Ask God to help you to be the mom you want to be.


Don’t feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities you have as a mother. There are others to help lighten your load, like your spouse, family, and friends. But be sure that you are being responsible and doing what you need to do as a mother. It can be overwhelming doing all of the things you think you need to do, so find ways to still be grateful for this season of life you’re in.


Moms need to be strong spiritually, emotionally, and physically as they raise their kids. It’s easy to feel weak and exhausted, making us want to give up. When you need encouragement and strength to carry one, find a quote or an affirmation that can help you.


Find something to be thankful for in your daily life as a mom. Be thankful for the big moments and little moments you get everyday with your kids. Be thankful for the big messes and little victories. Be thankful in your heart and mind, and know that your family is beyond thankful for you.


There are going to be some people in your life that just don’t understand all that you do. Understanding the role of a mother takes a lot, and it takes a lot to have the role of a mother. You may not understand it yourself either, but you still do it. You understand that your kids need you and that’s it. Don’t try to understand everything. Sometimes it is not meant to be understood, just accepted.


“To love is to be vulnerable, to give someone your heart and to say “I know this could hurt so bad, but I’m willing to be vulnerable and love you.” – Brené Brown

It takes courage to be a mom, to carry on day to day raising your children, knowing that one day they will be making their own decisions. You don’t have control of their lives, they do. You need to show up and be the one that loves them and brings joy into their lives.


The longer you’re in the season of motherhood, the more wise you become. Over the years, you gain experience and knowledge that help you be the mother your kids need you to be. Take it one day at a time and learn as you go, you are becoming like the “wise old owl”.


The life you live may seem ordinary. You are doing the typical everyday tasks of a mother. “Faithfully, diligently, and consistently do simple things…” (David A. Bednar). As we do simple things, our homes and families will come to live an extraordinary life.


Don’t forget about YOU! You an incredible woman with a divine calling. You are just as important as your kids. Take time for you, and do what makes you happy. To be the best mother, you need to be sure you are happy and taken care of too.


Being zealous means to have passionate support for a person. When I see mothers caring for and advocating for their children, they are some of the most zealous people I know. Be a zealous mother! Care for your children in a way that no one else can. Advocate for them in all the things they want and need in their life. You are making a difference by being their Mom!

ABC’s of Motherhood

The ABC’s of Motherhood, listed here, are just a few of the things that describe what motherhood is like. Being a mother is all of this and so much more! Now that you know my ABC’s, what would you add or change to your ABC’s of Motherhood?

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