A Warm Welcome this November

Are you feeling the crisp air and loving the change of colors where you are? I am here in Utah and I am seriously loving it so much! The changing weather makes me want to give others a warm welcome this beautiful time of year. Here are a few ways that I am bringing a warm welcome this November.

Warm Welcome

Holiday travelers and friendly neighbors makes me think of some very special ways to welcome them into your home, or a warm welcome as you meet them at their door.

Warm and Clean

Keep your home warm with a cozy fire or hygge feelings and clean with Thieves Household Cleaner. Make a cleaning spray with a spray bottle of water and a capful Thieves cleaner. Use it to tidy your home and clean all your surfaces for a clean and wonderful smelling home.

Linen Spray

Whether you’re staying home with guests coming to you or you’re going home, a linen spray is something you will love as you get into bed every night. Make your own linen spray by mixing 1 cup of water with 5 drops orange, 4 drops of thieves and 3 drops of cedarwood then a splash or two of witch hazel. Shake well and spray before climbing into bed.

Welcoming Smells

Use some seasonal spices to simmer on your stove or diffuse some oils to make your house smell welcoming as soon as the door opens. In a large pot full of water, add one orange peel, 5 small cinnamon sticks and 2 tablespoons of clove. I love adding the Grateful Heart diffuser blend to my diffusers. Within in a few minutes of that going my house smells amazing!

Cold Weather Comfort

The seasons have changed and your mind is starting to prepare for the upcoming months. Something essential this time of year is to give yourself a little “me-time” which is not only essential, but well deserved too.

Tired Feet

You’ve been out and about, running errands to prepare for the upcoming holidays. There’s nothing better than a drop of lavender and peppermint on the bottoms of your feet, followed by a pair of fuzzy socks.

Soothing Bath

Combine 1 ounce of fractionated coconut oil with 4 drops bergamot, grapefruit and nutmeg in a small glass, to then add to your hot bath. You get to relax and enjoy the warm smells and have softer skin when you get out of the bath.

Massage Weary Muscles

In a glass bottle or jar, combine 2 ounces fractionated coconut oil, 12 drops cinnamon bark, 6 drops oregano and 6 drops orange. Using a teaspoon or two, massage the oil into your muscles to unwind after a day of festivities.


With all the tasty food this time of year, you might want to have a tummy remedy ready to help you. This comforting and peaceful blend can be diffused or rubbed right onto the tummy for a perfect digestion remedy. It’s a carefully blended combination of peppermint, tangerine and ginger that naturally comforts tummy troubles.

A Warm Welcome to All

I want everyone to feel a warm welcome from me this fall. I hope you can find ways to give the same to your family and friends this season. With these tips, enjoy the process, so you can find ways to enjoy the journey.

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