A New Mexico Adventure

We have been wanting to visit our family in New Mexico for quite a while, knowing they won’t be there forever, and finally made it happen. We never had any real reason to go to New Mexico, until our family moved there. After seeing pictures from my sister-in-law, I wanted to see the beautiful red rocks that surrounded their town and see family, of course!

There weren’t big things on a list we needed to check off on this trip, but I’m so glad we did what we did.  We hiked to the top of Pyramid Rock, yep, WE…all of us and the kiddos, well Annabelle and one of her cousins took turns in the carrier.  The whole hike, we had an incredible view of all the red rocks.  It still amazes me to see all rocks and for miles and miles.  

It was a weekend full for fun adventure that got me excited for other adventures we have coming up this summer.  I’m not a pro at traveling with a little, but I love traveling with my family and learned things that I know will help me with our next trip.  

Annabelle took turns on our backs and Kambri was the best to stick with us and help entertain all of us on the way up and down.  It was hilarious having our own little spelling bee as we hiked down the mountain and spelled everyones name…let’s just say Annabelle knows a lot of names, but cannot spell yet.  

We did it!!! Made it all the way to the top together! 

Annabelle screamed out of excitement and found all the “dinosaurs” from the top of the mountain.  Doing hard things are so rewarding and teaching littles to do those hard things is so important in our family.  We are so much stronger and more capable of doing things that we may know.  

So grateful for family and getting to spend time together in beautiful New Mexico!

Spending time with my sisters-in-law will always be something I love.  We have all come from different places and lived different lives.  Our husbands are brothers that LOVE being together.  Lucky for me, all my sisters-in-law have become some of my best friends that I love doing all sorts of things with! 

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