7 Ways to Slow Down in Motherhood

The journey of motherhood is busy, selfless, demanding, and full of love and joy. Day in and day out you there for them, giving them all you can, which can often lead to feeling burnt out. As I have felt this burnout myself, I have felt the need to slow down and reflect on my life and journey through motherhood. As I’ve reflected, I wanted to share 7 ways to slow down in motherhood, and hope that as I share these you can find something that can help you slow down in motherhood.

7 Ways to Slow Down in Motherhood

Each and every one of us may or may not know how we like and need to slow down. Throughout my life, there are different ways of slowing down that I have needed. Slowing down can be hard, but it is possible. Don’t feel like you need to take in and adapt all of these things, maybe take one at a time and then go from there.

#1 Unplug for a Few Hours Every Day

There are countless ways to unplug from the hustle and bustle of life. Some of my favorite ways are spending time in nature (visiting nationals parks is a favorite thing to do), doing something creative, meditating and using essential oils. Find what works for you and make time to enjoy that time to recharge.

#2 Journal and Write Down Your Thoughts

A pen and paper can become your best friend, especially when you are writing down your own thoughts. Write what comes to your mind. Another thing that I love writing down are the little moments throughout the day that I know I will forget. I’ve even started a collection of “funny things Annabelle says,” because I know one day we’ll all look back and laugh at the things she said.

#3 Spend Time with Family & Friends

Whether you live close to your family, or you’re far from your family, make time to spend with family. We don’t live close to all of our family, so we are beyond grateful for Facetime to spend time with family, even though we’re hundreds of miles apart. Friends are great, because you can find and make friends just about everywhere. Playdates, family get togethers, trips to the park…they’re all great ways to spend time together.

#4 Take a Break from Social Media & Screens

This can go hand in hand with unplugging for a little bit of time everyday. Put your phone down, turn off the television and read a book, play a game, bake, or whatever your heart desires.

I remember being challenged to delete my social media for a time, and it was so much harder than I thought, but one of the greatest things too. Social media and screens has a power to take over our thoughts, stress levels, distractions, and comparisons. There is no specific time I would recommend, because we each need to set out own boundaries, but I think that anything would be beneficial.

#5 Take Time to Enjoy a Hobby

The hobbies are endless, and everyone can find a hobby that they love! I have been through my fair share of hobbies, and still hop around from one hobby to another. But in all honesty, the hobbies are a creative outlet that allows me to slow down and enjoy my time more.

#6 Take a Walk

The benefits of walking are not only a great way to slow down, but also great for your mind, body, and soul. When you walk, your endorphins are boosted, wellbeing, blood pressure and brain function improves, and the list goes on and on.

#7 Create a Routine to Wind Down at Night

Set the vibe for bedtime, by diffusing peace & calming essential oils and playing relaxing music. Decompress by reading a book or watch your favorite show. Relax with a hot shower, stretching, or a nightly skincare routine. Then, prepare for bed by getting things ready for the morning, set an alarm, avoid screen time for 30 minutes before bed, and go to sleep on time.

Slowdown in Motherhood

Finding the time reconnect and slow down in motherhood is essential. When you take the time for yourself, to recharge and be the best you can be, you will be more present and prepared for your family and everyday demands. It can be hard to let go of the pressure and expectations of motherhood to make time for yourself, but I can promise you that it is worth it. It is absolutely worth it. I hope you can use these 7 ways to slow down in motherhood to reconnect and recharge yourself, because you deserve to enjoy every stage of motherhood.

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