5 Must Haves in a Small Home

It has been a year since we moved in and we are loving our small home more and more as we make it our very own. We waited to find a home and now that we’re here, it still seems surreal that we’re making this house our home sweet home.

As each week passes, we are doing things here and there – home decor, plants inside or in the garden, paint, etc. All things to spruce up the home in just the way we like. There are also things we are learning we can’t live without, which is now a non-negotiable for any of our future homes.

#Must Haves for our Small Home

  1. Dyson – Our main floor is all hard wood flooring, so with all the coming and going, dog hair, Annabelle’s crafting the floor gets pretty messy. Everyday I use our Dyson for little spills or to get a good clean up of the whole floor. It has been such a lifesaver for us!
  2. Diffusers – Being in a small home, our diffusers work great! I love changing up the blends for the different seasons, allergies or to wind down for bed. There are so many diffusers and oils you can use, but I am a huge fan of Young Living and happy to help you if you have any questions. Here is a recent blog post about summer DIYS with essential oils.
  3. Area Rugs – Having so much wood flooring, finding an area rug that we loved to fit our style was a little bit trickier than we thought. Luckily, we have great friends with incredible taste that were able to help us and we now have an area rug that we love!
  4. Baskets – There isn’t room for furniture with lots of storage, so we have been able to use an assortment of baskets to store things like toys, shoes, blankets, and more.
  5. Be a Minimalist – I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I can’t emphasize it enough. Minimize and declutter as much as possible! Living in a small home, you realize there are essentials in your life, and other things that are just that, things.

I hope you are loving your small home as much as we are! There are quirks that not everyone thinks about, but oh what an adventure it is to create a home. Utilize your space and make it just right for you in every way possible. And one of the best things to remember, is to minimize and organize your home as much as possible – not only will it keep it clean and decluttered, but also a warm and welcoming place for friends and family to come and feel like they’re home.

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