February Learning & Fun

February 10, 2021

I finally gave into creating a few learning activities for Annabelle.  There are so so many out there, especially on Pinterest, but I wanted to make something one of a kind that worked well for her level of learning.  She is still young and understands the basics of colors and matching, so I took those things and created this.  

I know all kids are at such different stages of learning and understanding, which can make learning activities difficult.  I hope the simplicity of these are beneficial for you and your little ones.  Learning is meant to be fun and I hope bringing in a little holiday learning can be enjoyed in your home.  

Included learning activities: 

  • Valentine Patterns
  • Winter Patterns
  • Heart Puzzles
  • Snowman Names
  • Snowflake Shape Match
  • Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Counting
  • Heart Sticker

As I have started doing these activities with Annabelle, I see her loving the time she spends learning.  Providing learning activities for your children is so special for them and gives them so much encouragement to try new things.  

Print out the PDF version of the February Learning Activities HERE.

If you’re wanting something quick and easy, I discovered Mod + Whimsy – “the accessible, affordable solution for busy moms to create memorable pandemic holidays.” 

We have had a few of their boxes and they have been 100% amazing and so full of the perfect things to enjoy holidays.  The things that are added are perfect for kids of all ages, and to be completely honest, for me too! I love the little decorations they include to add that little touch of holiday to your home.  

This month, in the Valentine’s Box, Annabelle and I have already used the cute decorations and enjoyed a few of the little peach heart gummies.  Annabelle has the colors of thread picked out to make a bracelet for her cute friend Addie, which she can’t wait to make.  I’ve saved a few of the other things to do as we get closer to Valentine’s Day and as a family (when Daddy is home from work.  If you’re questioning it, just give it a try for one month/holiday…you won’t regret it!

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