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Women Who Know Christ

Women Who Know Christ

I had the opportunity to attend an event for women within my church, earlier this week, focused on “Women Who Know Christ” to celebrate this Christmas season. It was the perfect program and way to set the tone for the season. I’ll admit, that I get distracted by the presents, parties and all the other…

OH HI! I’M Ali!

I’m so happy you’re here!

I help moms who want to better enjoy motherhood, by sharing things I love for me & my family, because I am also a busy mom who wants to enjoy everyday mom-life.

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welcome to my little corner of the internet

I love being called “Mama” and spending my days with Annabelle, but I find time to be a baker, crafter, cross-fitter and more…just your well rounded stay at home mom.   

Being a mother has always been a dream of mine, and now that I get to live that dream, I am learning to enjoy every day of the journey.  

So, I decided to share my journey to and through motherhood to give hope and to share the joy that I get from being a mother.  

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